Today, I am going to talk about what I like about a Catholic school. I like Catholic school because it teaches me about God and how to be kind. I can be an altar server, a reader, and someone who brings up the gifts. My Catholic school has a priest and nuns, like Father Kelly and Sister Vivian. I like when Father Kelly visits our class and brings his dog, Hailey, with him.  We also get to have celebrations like Christmas and Easter.

Now I am going to talk about the things I do during school that I like. I like that there are small class sizes. It allows me to know the kids in my class. The small class sizes allow me to get extra help if I need it. The size of the school is small, so all the teachers know me and that makes me feel safe.  I like to get kindness tickets and get $1 dress-down days. I love to play on the playground!

Lastly, I am going to talk about what I appreciate. I appreciate all my teachers and my friends. I like that every morning the whole school gets together and says a prayer. I admire my teachers for teaching me. I like the special things I get to do like art, music, religion, P.E., and Spanish.  I appreciate Mrs. Campito for helping me read better. I also like the food at the school.

These are all the reasons why I like to go to a Catholic school. I appreciate my parents for sending me to a Catholic school. I like my school because it has everything I need. It is just right for me.

Lily Sebastian, now a fourth grader at Saint Ambrose School in Latham, has attended the school since pre-kindergarten and enjoys spending time with her family hiking and at the beach.