David Redgrave (r.) with his sister, Liliana, and brother, Michael. (Photo provided)
David Redgrave (r.) with his sister, Liliana, and brother, Michael. (Photo provided)

My name is David Redgrave. I am 10 years old. I live with my mom, my dad, my brother, Michael, and my sister, Liliana. My brother is 6 years old and my sister is 8, so I am the oldest of three siblings. I go to St Mary’s School in Ballston Spa.

What’s important about my faith is that when I pray I feel closer to God and it helps me calm down. Being Catholic is important because I share this religion with my family. We have faith in Jesus to guide us through all of our situations.

When my brother was 7 months old, he was in the hospital and my family prayed and had faith in God. My parents always say God guided us through this difficult time. Today, my brother is a healthy and active boy! We always pray together when he goes for his checkups.

Going to Saint Mary’s is like a second family. I know all the teachers and they all know me. It truly is a small school with a big heart.

Distance learning for some kids might be tough but for me it’s not that hard. My morning method is to wake up, pray, do two-to-four subjects for school, eat breakfast, get dressed and then I finish my work. I do this so I have the rest of the day to do whatever I want, whether it’s shooting hoops or going on a bike ride and exploring my neighborhood. I’d rather do that knowing I have all my school work done for the day!

My family and I watch church together every Sunday on the couch, sometimes even in our pajamas still! We eat dinner as a family and always share what the best part of our day was; my sister suggested this. My mom always says that my brother does school on nights and weekends! It’s different but we all manage our day in the way that’s best for us!

I am lucky to go to St. Mary’s; our teachers are in touch daily and our principal sends us daily messages. We are never alone and that is part of our Catholic faith.

David Redgrave is a fifth grader at St. Mary’s School, Ballston Spa.