My faith life and Catholic school experience have greatly helped me to see God in the ordinary moments of my everyday life. 

Attending La Salle Institute has been a major factor in improving my relationship with God, as well as my relationships with those around me. As a cadet chaplain, I have spent more time in the school chapel sharing the Body of Christ with my classmates and others within the school community, participating in many school Masses, and being heavily involved in La Salle’s Wednesday canned food drive. 

I see firsthand how the students and staff at La Salle come together in order to reach out to those in need within the school along with those belonging to the greater community. Starting each class with a prayer to Saint John Baptiste de La Salle is a tradition that I will always hold near and dear to my heart because it helps me to center myself and share a moment with God away from the stress and other distractions of the day. This prayer reminds me that Jesus lives in each and every person’s heart and that we should strive to see Him in everyone, no matter who they are. 

I had the great pleasure of attending the Be the Light Youth Theology Institute at Canisius College during the summer of 2018. I met students in my grade level from all around the world and connected with them through our shared faith and morals. 

We all came from different walks of life, but used these differences to bring us closer together and to reach out to those in need in the Buffalo area. We learned of the injustices that many people face each day and that we are, in fact, able to make a great difference in their lives by spreading their stories and by joining with one another to be Christ for them. 

This week-long theology institute truly changed how I look at the world and helped me to realize that small actions can greatly help those who need Christ in their lives. I am extremely grateful for this experience and for the opportunity to receive an education from La Salle Institute because they have both greatly contributed to who I am today and have allowed me to see Christ in others and to be the light for others in their times of darkness.

Thomas Colgan is a senior at La Salle Institute