Megan Hollenbeck
Megan Hollenbeck

My name is Megan Hollenbeck and I am 11 years old. I go to Sacred Heart School in Troy, and I live with my mom, dad and sister, Paige. My sister has autism and whenever she isn’t with me, I ask God to take good care of her when I can’t take care of her. He will also help her if she gets hurt.

Faith is important because if you are struggling in life with sickness and need prayers to get through and be happy and live a happy and nice life, God will help you. People who love you, and even people who don’t know you, will pray for you. God will pray for you too. It is also important because God is watching over everyone and loves everyone. If someone needs help with something, God will help them no matter what. If you are not nice to people, He will still help you. He will always heal you when you are hurt and help you when you are sick and when you are not feeling well in life.

My faith has been with me my whole life. I was baptized when I wasn’t even a 1-year-old. I have gone to church almost every Sunday of my life, but when I can’t go, I watch another church on the television. When I was in second grade, I made my First Communion. I was super-excited about it because I finally felt a part of the church.

I have been in a Catholic school my whole life and I have loved it because all the students and teachers are so nice in my school. When coronavirus started back in March, I was worried about my teachers, friends and my pastors getting sick.

The importance of faith has been with me my whole life. When I am older, I want faith to be an important part of my life because it has been part of my life for 11 years. When I go to school, I am on my best behavior because I know God is watching me, looking out for me and helping me through my life and the hard things in my life.

Megan Hollenbeck is a sixth grader at Sacred Heart School in Troy.