Mia Keshmiri
Mia Keshmiri

Why is faith important to you? For me, it helps me to be a better person. It’s also important for me to have a role model that I can always go back to. But everyone has a different reason to have faith. Catholic education has helped me to grow my faith and I most definitely wouldn’t have as strong a faith without it.

Everyone has a different reason to grow and live out their faith. Faith is extremely important to people during COVID because that might be all that they have left. Choosing right and wrong is important in my faith. The ability to choose right and wrong can sometimes be easy but it can also be hard to decipher which option is the better choice. Sometimes it’s hard to choose right even when it is clear though. That’s why it’s important to my faith to help choose right and wrong. Choosing right from wrong makes you a better person which leads me to my next point: faith helps you become a better person. To me, becoming a better person is like growing a tomato plant, the more water and plant food you give it, the more it grows. So, if I decide to volunteer, my “tomato plant” will grow. Faith is always something to go back to. No matter what, you always have a little faith. For example, many people have lost their jobs and family due to the pandemic, but if they keep faith by their side, things will eventually turn around.

Do you have role models? We all do, but for Catholics and many others, our biggest role model is Jesus. When we follow Jesus, we believe that He sets a path for us and has a vocation for us; we believe He has a plan uniquely created for us. Following Jesus is a perfect tool to help grow your faith. Everyone is different, but for some people knowing that Jesus has a plan is very reassuring. Others find peace in knowing that Jesus is with us all the time. One of the special things about being Catholic is that we don’t just believe the Eucharist is a symbol. We believe it is Jesus’ body and blood; we believe that He has blessed it. One of the other things about being a Catholic is that we get to be part of something bigger than ourselves.

Catholic education is immensely important to me. I get to hear about the point of view from many other Catholics. Catholic school has taught me that prayer is a powerful tool. I enjoy spreading my opinion and hearing about what everyone else has to say about our religion. I get to learn new things about Jesus every day when I’m in religion class or any other class! Catholic school education is preparing me for the future. St. Mary’s-St. Alphonsus has taught me how to be a Catholic and a decent human being so when I go into the world, I use my knowledge to help people rather than hurt them. Catholic education has strengthened my faith that God will always be someone I can go to any time.

Faith has helped me and guided me in so many ways: from growing my “tomato plant” to being a part of something bigger than me. In conclusion, faith is important to people and helps everyone in a different way. Faith is an eminent thing to go back to because it is always there when you’ve lost everything. It makes us all more optimistic people. I believe that with more optimistic people in the world we can make change happen.

Mia Keshmiri is a seventh grader at SMSARCS. She has been attending SMSA since pre-school and enjoys playing soccer, painting and crafts. Her favorite subjects are English and math. Mia is passionate about saving the environment and helping to find new ways to reduce the use of plastic.