Blessed Sacrament School has inspired us in many ways to lead others. Our siblings look up to us here. Because of this, we need to constantly be a role model for them. This is why we focus in class and complete what we need to do in school. In our old schools, we weren’t getting the best education. Many kids there weren’t listening and we started to copy their behavior. Because of the wonderful Blessed Sacrament environment, things have changed so much for us for the better. Now, we both see a huge difference. We can now be the leaders we’ve always wanted to be for our siblings and loved ones.

Secondly, we learned so many more wonderful life lessons at Blessed Sacrament. For starters, we learned what it means to be respectful to our parents, teachers and students. You wouldn’t believe the behavior we thought was “normal” until we met our friends at Blessed Sacrament! Speaking of friends, we learned how to make friends here. When we first came to Blessed Sacrament in seventh grade, we didn’t really know how to make friends. However, our fellow students invited us to join in their activities immediately. Unlike my previous school, this school is so incredibly welcoming.

Sharri Tolliver and Jayla Waite are eighth-graders at Blessed Sacrament School in Albany.