Erica Rodford
Erica Rodford

I have been going to Sacred Heart School for three years and the people there are like my second family. Going to Sacred Heart has really changed my perspective on life. One of the main things I like about this school is our Catholic faith and its importance.

My Catholic faith is important because believing in God is important. Believing in God our Father is so great because He can forgive our sins and everything we have done wrong. Once when I was 6 years old, I stole a cookie even though my mom told me no cookies before dinner. I ate the cookie, but after I ate it I felt bad. I went up to my room and prayed to God to forgive me. Because I asked God to forgive me, He will accept my apology and forgive me for stealing a cookie when I know I shouldn’t have. That is one of the many good reasons why believing in God is awesome. Believing in God is also important because if we believe in God our Father, then that one sad day when we pass away, we will go up to heaven and see all of our relatives who have passed away and all who have or do believe in Jesus Christ.

I know God is watching over everyone because he has performed so many miracles. For example, we all know the terrible pandemic called the coronavirus. Well God made a miracle happen because there was an elderly woman who was 102. This strong woman beat coronavirus. She was even on ventilators and was very sick, but she believed in God and her family prayed and prayed for her to get better. One day they tested her for coronavirus one last time, and she tested negative! That is a miracle if I have ever heard one.

I love believing in Jesus and being Catholic. Being Catholic and going to Sacred Heart has really changed my perspective on how I look at things, most importantly, how I look at life. Being Catholic is awesome, and I love being Catholic because I get to believe in God and that is pretty amazing if you ask me.

Erica Rodford, 11, lives with her sister, mom and dad, and is a sixth grader at Sacred Heart School in Troy.