Going to a Catholic school has impacted my life in many ways. I have been in Catholic schools since pre-K, and I have learned a lot over the past nine years.

For starters, going to a Catho¬≠lic school helped teach me about God, Jesus, the Saints and how to pray. It has also taught me about being kind and respectful to all people. In a Catholic school, they teach us that we are all human and have feelings. I know it’s a privilege that not all kids get. Going to a Catholic school also helps give me a spiritual view of life and teaches me that not everything revolves around us or being popular.

Going to a Catholic school also means you will learn about serving and helping others who may be less fortunate. In my nine years of being in a Catholic school, I have helped a lot by volunteering my time. I helped at my local church by decorating for Christmas. I also helped by looking after the students at the elementary school during after-school care.

At a Catholic school, (the teachers) make the school and the environment as safe as possible. Something I think that has impacted me is the uniforms because even though they aren’t my favorite thing to wear, they help to make everyone fit in and not feel different in class. Speaking about classes, Catholic schools offer smaller class sizes. This benefits me because I’m not a huge fan of big crowds or large groups and it helps me concentrate better.

Another thing that has impacted me is my teachers. They really break stuff down so that we can understand it better and because they can be so supportive and caring when you are not having a good day and just need someone to talk to. The education that I get from going to a Catholic school isn’t just about learning so we can be smart but learning so we can be good people of God.

Isabella Wellette will be starting eighth grade at Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons School this fall.