Reyna Racaza is a fifth-grader at St. Mary’s School, Ballston Spa.
Reyna Racaza is a fifth-grader at St. Mary’s School, Ballston Spa.

My name is Reyna Racaza and I am a fifth-grade student at St. Mary’s School, Ballston Spa.  I have been coming to St. Mary’s School since kindergarten and my brother, Rafe, is in the first grade.

I really like fifth grade. My teacher, Mrs. Hurley, is really nice. She lets us read quietly and also she reads books like “Wonder” aloud to us. The important message from the book is to not judge people; you should compliment them on their features and respect them.

We are challenged a lot in school. We read hard books and learn a lot. My favorite subject is physical education because I like to be active. We play basketball and I’m on the CYO team. I like being on the CYO team because people have good sportsmanship.

I am a member of St. Mary’s Student Council. The Student Council members help with special events and prayer services. Being the oldest in the school means that we are role models. One of my favorite events is our annual Thanksgiving feast when the whole school gathers together to eat a full Thanksgiving meal. I also enjoy our annual Christmas concert.  This year I got to play Mary. I was so happy that I was chosen. It was memorable because it was my last Christmas concert.

The teachers here are nice, friendly and always say “hi” to me. This is important to me, because the teachers know all of the students. I remember when I was in kindergarten, (I can’t believe I was that little) Mrs. Lauda always gave us a book. It was a chapter book and I was able to read it to her and the whole class.

We get to celebrate Christmas and Halloween. Being in a Catholic school, you get to express your religion. You wouldn’t be able to have a Christmas concert at some other schools, because you can’t celebrate God. You get to go to Church and celebrate Mass. I made my First Communion and Reconciliation here.

My class has been together for a long time. Everyone is close and we care about one another. I’m going to miss everything about St. Mary’s when I graduate. My younger brother will still be here though, so I’ll get to come back!

Reyna Racaza is a fifth-grader at St. Mary’s School, Ballston Spa.