Luke Estep
Luke Estep

I have been going to a Catholic school my whole life and I really enjoy it. I started going to a Catholic school when I was 3. It has been a part of my life for my whole academic career.

Religion has helped me get closer to God. I really like the religious experience and it happens to be one of my favorite subjects in school. I pray every night and God always listens to me. School Masses help us as a group become closer to each other.  Our school and church have combined to make a welcoming community. I enjoy being an altar server and that is a fun opportunity to bond with my friends and God. Another thing that is good for bonding is how close-knit Catholic schools are. I get to bond with not only the people in my class but also with people in other classes.

Fundraising is a large part of what we do. We fundraise for our school as well as other foundations. We get to give money to helpful foundations. One thing we do to raise money for the community is have dress-down days. We need dress-down days because we have uniforms, which is good because then we don’t have to pick an outfit every morning. We also have a food pantry for the poor. At holiday times, we often take up a collection to help families who are less fortunate. It reminds us how grateful we are to have support at school and at home.

We are always polite and kind to others. Each morning we remind ourselves to use kind words through prayer. This helps us to be more respectful to everyone and we earn respect back from our peers. I am thankful for always having a kind and patient teacher who can help you if you struggle. So far I’ve been going to a Catholic school for eight years and all my teachers have been great! Another reason I really like going to a Catholic school is because I can be myself without anyone judging me.

Catholic schools are great because you can pray to God whenever you need some help with something. I pray a lot during the day, like when I’m worried, sad, scared, and even happy, and God always helps. While prayer is a great way to deal with my problems, I am grateful to have such great friends. My friends help me to stay positive and enjoy each day at school. 

In my eight years of Catholic school education I have had many experiences. While I have had my fair share of bad experiences, Catholic school has helped me to learn from them. With the help of my teachers and friends, I have had a blast! From my early years when we played a lot, slept a lot, and didn’t get homework to now when we have more demanding work, I have enjoyed my experience.  Along the way I have met some of my best friends. My best friends sit with me at lunch and hang out with me during my free time. I know everyone in my class very well because I have known them for nearly six years. Catholic Schools have made me a better person and have let me get closer to God.

Luke Estep is a fifth-grade student at Saint Ambrose School in Latham. Estep is an avid learner who constantly challenges himself to find deeper meaning in his studies. Outside of school, Estep plays baseball and basketball, and enjoys hanging out with his friends.