Will Larow
Will Larow

Each year St. Clement’s school has a theme that is carried through the school year. This year’s theme was: Celebrating God’s Love. The following is a reflection written by St. Clement’s School fifth-grader, Will LaRow, and was read at the graduation exercises on June 19. 
Have you ever wondered why our school theme is Celebrating God’s Love? 

There are many reasons why this was a wonderful theme for the year. We are celebrating the 100th anniversary of our school. We are also celebrating God’s love for us at Masses and during our school day. The 100th year of St. Clement’s School is certainly something to celebrate. 

When we celebrate our school, we are celebrating God’s love that has been shared and passed on throughout the ages. Thousands of enthusiastic students have learned about God’s love at St. Clement’s School and have been inspired to spread His Word. We hope the school keeps teaching children for another century. 

At monthly Masses, and at the weekly 8 a.m. Mass with our class, we learn, share and celebrate God’s love in many ways. The readings inspire us to become better people. When we profess our faith, we are accepting that we believe in God and His love. When we receive the Eucharist, we are receiving Jesus’ Body and Blood in the Bread and Wine. We pray before and after Communion to tell God what is on our mind. We sing “I’m Gonna Celebrate” to remind us that God always loves us and is always present. At Mass we come together to celebrate God’s love. 

We also celebrate God’s love in many ways during our school day. At Morning Prayer, we are united in prayer, and share the happy and sad times of our lives. During Religion and Saint Houses, we learn about God’s love and holy people who spread His Word. We pray together before and after meals to thank God. We come together for recess to play and learn the value of friendship. At dismissal, we pray for everyone who helps us learn and grow in a Catholic school. During the school day, we cherish and celebrate God’s love because it is important to all of us throughout our lives. 

Celebrating God’s Love has been a fitting theme for this school year. We are recognizing the 100th anniversary of St. Clement’s School, honoring God’s love for us during Mass, and acknowledging His great love for us throughout our school day. God’s love is essential in our lives and we should celebrate it.