Chris Gentiluomo
Chris Gentiluomo

Today when I woke up, I realized this new normal is still strange to me. I feel so out of place just doing nothing, it does not matter how late I sleep anymore or if I even get dressed. I feel like I am still missing something, which is my friends, family and school.

I have not been working as (the supermarket has) given all hours to other people more dependent on making money. I am still deemed essential but only work two days a month. My sister, Gabby, is working more hours as a cashier and she doesn’t like it. She is afraid of getting sick again — she had COVID-19 in March — and having to deal with rude people in line. I pray that people have more patience and understanding while out in public.

There is a lot of fear and panic right now. I pray that people see the importance of doing what’s asked and stay home. I want to see my friends, family and be able to go outside without fear of getting sick. I miss school, work and doing things as a family outside.

I have a stepbrother who has COVID-19 right now. He lives alone and has health issues. I pray that he is ok and that he gets through this sickness. My stepsister is a nurse at Samaritan Hospital and works more hours than ever. I pray that she and all the doctors and staff stay safe. My uncle Joe works at Samaritan, as well. He is afraid to go to work and hopes he will be furloughed. He has a 7-year-old son, Samuel. He told me he prays that he doesn’t get sick and pass it to his family. I pray that everyone is safe, and that all the masks that the hospital needs come to them, along with the medical stuff they need.

My stepdad owns a funeral home. He goes to NYC weekly to collect someone who has passed. My mom worries for his safety, as do I. He came home last week and didn’t talk to my mom right away. He told me what his day consisted of and what he had seen in New York City. I pray that he will be able to do his job safely and come home. I worry that he will get sick; he tells me he wears all the protective gear he is supposed to.

I pray that all involved that help during this time are safe, and physically and mentally healthy. I pray that we learn from this lesson and try to be better people. This pandemic has shown me how some people can be nice toward others and how some are mean because they are scared or worried. I have seen the rainbows all over Facebook showing support to each other, the drive-by birthday greetings and the love people have for their communities.

My oldest brother turns 26 this week and my mom is sad because she can’t see him to celebrate. This will be the first time she will not be able to see him on his birthday. I doubt he will care but she does a lot.

I hope that we can stop the spread of this virus and that it goes away. My mom said that she has never seen anything like this before. I want to be able to go outside without fear and come back to school. I want to feel normal again.

Chris Gentiluomo is an 11th grader at Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons.