Haley Clark
Haley Clark

I am new to Catholic schools because I transferred from public school due to the coronavirus. St. Ambrose is a good school that has given me an education that helped me excel in ELA over a short period of time. While I have only been here for a few months, I feel it is a very caring community.
St. Ambrose has helped me gain confidence like raising my hand or even shouting out an answer which was hard for me because I didn’t want to get made fun of. Plus, over this short period of time, it has got me a lot closer to God as I am praying more often and learning about interesting things in religion. It is very nice to have friends who helped me at Mass.? They showed me what to do during it. Before I was actually very scared but not anymore because my friends are helping me along and that helps to take away the butterflies.?

?I also got to meet new people and make friends along the way. I am not as lonely now, like I was in the beginning of the year. Last year I had only a couple of friends at public school, it was sad. This year at Catholic school I have a nice community to connect with and hang out with. It is nice to have a loving and caring community to gather with each day and feel accepted.?

I feel like this school helps a lot of people because of our dress-down days. We pay a couple dollars to help an organized cause and we get to wear regular clothes. Sometimes we raise over $100 and it feels great to know we are helping people. Plus, if you like the organized cause you can give more money to really help!?

When you are sad there is always someone cheering you up on a rainy day. Whether it is a teacher or your best friend, you can always count on someone being at your side at St. Ambrose. Even though we all are different we all are the same as a community.

Haley Clark is a fifth-grader at St. Ambrose School in ­Latham.