Father Anthony Barratt's series explaining the Year of Mercy
• 01-14-16, Year of Mercy, Part I: Why have this jubilee?
• 01-21-16, Year of Mercy, Part II: What or who is mercy?
• 01-28-16, Year of Mercy, Part III: How we experience and share mercy

"I need mercy" series: personal experiences of mercy, described by people from across the Albany Diocese
• 02-11-16, Finding mercy after abuse
• 02-18-16, Bishop Scharfenberger: When mercy came to me
• 03-03-16, Bishop Emeritus Hubbard: Doors of mercy I have passed through
• 04-07-16, Allah bestowed mercy in my life anyway
• 05-05-16, My masterpiece of mercy
• 06-02-16, Mercy at summer camp
• 07-07-16, Circles of Mercy in Year of Mercy
• 08-04-16, Mercy at a parish's doorstep
• 09-01-16, A different experience of reconciliation
• 10-06-16, Where is the mercy for people with addiction?
• 11-03-16, Mercy 'saved a wretch like me'

Individual columns and articles on mercy
• 02-18-16, Siena student: Younger generations must show mercy
• 02-18-16, St. Paul and the works of mercy
• 03-10-16, Confession marathon changed priest, penitents
• 03-10-16, Stealing Baby Ruths
• 03-24-16, Unusual paper sculptures spur works of mercy at Voorheesville parish
• 04-14-16, Don't let the end of Lent be the end of the Year of Mercy
• 04-28-16, BISHOP: Walk through door of mercy; give to annual Bishop's Appeal
• 05-05-16, Recovering the Sabbath
• 06-23-16, Adirondack churches will host 'Vacation Reconciliation Week'
• 08-18-16, Bishop invites Catholics to Divine Mercy consecration
• 10-27-16, Parable of the gracious stranger
• 10-27-16, Photographs of saints

Father Anthony Barratt's series on the parable of the Prodigal Son
• 03-03-16, Parable of the prodigal son, Part I: the father
• 03-10-16, Parable of the prodigal son, Part II: the younger son
• 03-17-16, Parable of the prodigal son, Part III: the older son