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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

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  • On a recent Sunday evening, Delmar Presbyterian Church welcomed three homeless families for a week-long stay, repurposing rooms normally used for meetings and religious education to provide each family with a private, comfortable bedroom.
  • Orthodox monasticism in America saw a rise in parish awareness and support in the middle of the 20th century, though it is still not as well-known or visible as monasticism to pre-Vatican II Catholics. Monasticism comes somewhat out of the “old world” ethos still held by many enthusiastic New World converts.
  • Bishop preaches at Episcopal cathedral
    On Oct. 14, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany celebrated the feast of Our Lady of Walsingham with a special neighbor: the Episcopal Diocese of Albany.
  • Ecumenical and Interfaith Commission turns 50
    The Diocese’s Commission for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs is celebrating its 50th anniversary with an Oct. 4 gathering of current commission members at the Century House in Latham.
  • My taxi ride in New York City

    Recently, I concelebrated the wedding of a young man I baptized nearly 25 years ago. After the ceremony, torrential rain caused my priest-friends and me to take a cab to the reception. It turned out to be a memorable experience.

  • Come and venerate St. Elizabeth relic
    St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church in Cohoes is inviting the Catholic community to the 100th anniversary celebration of St. Elizabeth the New Martyr.
  • Though Billy Graham was not a Catholic, I learned many things from his powerful Christian witness and preaching. As a Christian and a pastor, I learned at least 10 simple truths about him which have inspired me.
  • Remembering Billy Graham
    Relations between evangelical Protestants and Catholics can be tense. A happy exception was the 1990 Rev. Dr. Billy Graham Crusade in Albany.
  • Dear Rev. Graham, I never met you while you were in the world, but I thought it was a good time to write. If you are where I think you are, you'll be able to read this.
  • Fourteen faith communities meet to work on caring for the Earth
    Protecting the Earth is a goal for many faith communities. Now, Catholic parishes and other congregations in the Albany Diocese are teaming up to work on environmental issues.

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