Jesus, teach me not to go too far in “doing anything” for what I want. Amen!

A man begged Jesus, “My daughter is dying. Please, come save her.” Jesus went, but when they got there, the girl had died. Jesus asked everyone, “Why are you crying? The girl is not dead; she’s just sleeping.” They laughed at Him, but He took her hand and said, “Little girl, get up!” And the girl sat up, alive and well again.

“I’d do anything to get that Lego Statue of Liberty kit,” you declare, seeing it in the store.

“I’d give anything to be his girlfriend,” you groan, seeing the guy you like with someone else.

Would you, really? Sometimes, it’s not a good idea to throw around ideas like, “I’d do anything,” when you really wouldn’t go that far — or shouldn’t.

This week’s Gospel (Mark 5:21-43) is about a father who’s willing to do anything. His little girl is sick, and he’s desperate for her to be cured.

The dad probably doesn’t know Jesus. He may not even believe Jesus is God. But he’ll do anything to see his daughter well again, including begging a stranger to perform a miracle.

When you say, “I’d give anything...,” you’re really saying, “Nothing in my life is more important than what I want right now.” There could be a situation where that’s true. If someone you love was sick, maybe you would pray and beg and hope the person got well. Maybe you would bring food and try to make the person laugh. You’d give up whatever else you wanted to do just to be with your sick friend.

Most often, though, it’s going too far to say, “I’d do anything for this.” If you “do anything” to date someone, you could end up doing things you’re not proud of. If you “give anything” for a Lego kit, you may spend money you meant to save for other things.

In the Gospel story, the father saved up his “I’d do anything” for a time when he absolutely needed to go that far. His determination and faith paid off: His daughter was healed. Jesus knows when someone who says, “I’d give anything,” really means it!