Jesus, help me think about what I would do if I got what I wanted! Amen.

A blind man named Bartimaeus heard Jesus passing by and yelled, “Jesus, have pity on me!” “Shut up!” people said, but he yelled more. Finally, Jesus said, “What do you want me to do for you?” “I want to see,” said Bartimaeus. “Your faith has saved you,” Jesus told him. Suddenly, Bartimaeus could see! So he got up and followed Jesus.

What do you do when you get what you want?

That’s the question explored in this week’s Gospel (Mark 10:46-52) — and it’s a question every kid can ask himself or herself, too.

Everyone begs for things sometimes. You bug your parents to get their attention, clown around with friends so they’ll think you’re funny or pray to God to win a million dollars.

But what happens when you actually get what you want? If your friends think you’re funny, do you use your sense of humor to make everyone feel cheerful, or do you tease people so your friends will laugh? If you end up with some money, do you look at what you have and think about how you can share it?

In the Gospel story, Bartimaeus definitely wants Jesus’ attention. He doesn’t give up until he gets what he wants: to be able to see.

Some people would run off shouting for joy, forgetting all about Jesus. Others would say, “Now I can take revenge on anyone who was mean to me because I couldn’t see.”

Bartimaeus makes another choice. He looks at Jesus, who healed him, and realizes that he can now use his miracle to help other people. He can be an example to everyone of how Jesus can change lives. Bartimaeus becomes a follower of Jesus.

Getting what you want won’t automatically make you happy. If you had a million dollars or everyone thought you were the funniest person in the world, you’d still have choices to make about what to do with those benefits.

Before you ask for what you want, it’s a good idea to think about what to do if you get it!