Jesus, when I make a change, help me remember to pray, trust you and let go! Amen.

“I’m coming to you,” Jesus told God the Father before He was crucified. “I’m not going to be in the world any more, but my followers are. Keep them safe! While I was here, I kept them safe and gave them your message; now, I’m sending them into the world.”

A lot of adults think kids are always looking forward: eager for the next new thing, the next change. But you know that, when­ever there’s a negative or even a positive change in your life, you’re also looking at what you’re leaving behind.

If you move to a new house, you worry about who will fill the birdfeeder in your old backyard. Will all the birds starve because you’re not there to do it? When you move up a grade, you miss your old teachers. You might wonder if they’ll be OK without you!

This week’s Gospel (John 17:11-19) talks about moving on, and about what’s left behind. Jesus knows He’s going back to heaven soon. He’s happy He’ll be seeing His Father again, but He’s also worried about His followers.

Jesus will be in heaven — but He prays for His friends, who will still be in this world. What if they get hurt? What if they get confused about what He taught? Who will help them?

When you make a change, you may look back on what you’re leaving behind and feel helpless. You can tell the family buying your old house to fill the birdfeeder, but you can’t make them do it. They might forget or make a different choice. It’s out of your control.

Jesus had a good idea: Pray about it. God is always watching over the world. God knows about every bird and every person! You can pray about everything: the birds in your old backyard, the teachers who have a new class, or your friends and family.

When you pray about something you’re leaving behind, you also need to let go. Jesus didn’t change His mind and say, “Forget it; I’m staying here!” He trusted that God the Father would take care of His followers.

Pray. Trust. Let go!