Jesus, help me to say yes whenever someone needs my help. Amen!

The Apostles came back from teaching people about Jesus. It had been a long trip, and they were tired. “Let’s go rest by ourselves,” Jesus said. But lots of people followed them. Jesus felt sorry for those who wanted to learn from Him: They seemed like sheep without a shepherd to lead them. So He sat down and started teaching them about God.

It feels great to be needed. When your mother tells you what a great helper you are with your little sister, or your friend says, “I never could have passed that swimming test without you cheering me on,” you swell up with pride. Someone needs you!

There are times, though, when you wish you were needed a little less. You’d rather play Minecraft than help with your sister; it’s hot and you don’t want to go outside, even to cheer on a friend.

This week’s Gospel (Mark 6:30-34) is a good example of one of those times. The Apostles have been traveling and working hard, teaching people about Jesus, while He’s been teaching people back home. They finally take a break.

They think they’re going to rest up, talk about their trip and hang out — but people need them. A whole crowd follows them: people who are confused and lonely and need God; people who are happy and hopeful and want to get close to Jesus.

Everyone likes to feel needed. You can do things that are helpful to other people, and it feels great! But taking a break feels great, too. When you want to chill out but someone else wants your help, it’s easy to get stubborn and say, “Not right now.”

Jesus and the Apostles could have done that. They deserved a break after all the work they’d done. But they didn’t push people away. Instead, Jesus looked at the crowd and saw that they needed help. He felt sorry for them, and He knew He could help — so He did.

Minecraft isn’t going anywhere. You can always take a break later. When someone needs you, say yes. You might feel great finishing a Minecraft project or watching TV, but you’ll feel better when you’ve been a good helper!