Jesus, help me remember to read and listen to directions before I start my final exams. Amen!

After Jesus came back to life, the Apostles went to Galilee, where He had told them to go. He met them there and said, “Go to everyone on Earth and make them my disciples. Baptize them and teach them to follow what I taught, and I will be with you forever.”

With the end of the school year coming, lots of kids are taking final exams. The curse of exams can be the directions: You’re so eager to get started, you might forget to read them! Then the teacher will say, “I told you in the directions to use a pencil, not a pen. Ten points off!”

Luckily, Jesus isn’t as harsh as that when He gives directions. This week’s Gospel (Matthew 28:16-20) takes place after Jesus was crucified, died and rose again. He has come back to give the Apostles some directions about carrying on His work.

When you’re about to take an exam, it’s important to stay calm. You’ve studied; you have your pencil ready. You can do this. All you need to remember is to read the directions (or listen, if the teacher is saying them aloud), pay attention to what they say, and get started.

The Apostles got similar instructions from Jesus. He didn’t describe what was going to happen every single day and how they should handle every person and situation they encountered; He just said, “Go meet people — as many as you can, every­where you can go. Baptize them. Teach them what I taught you.”

Jesus knew the Apostles had done their “studying.” He’d been teaching them about God for years! He gave them directions and left it to them to do the work.

Before you start your work, go over the directions. It’s a good reminder about exactly what you need to do, and how to do it. Then plunge in and get started. If the Apostles did it, so can you!