Jesus, remind me to keep praying for the people in Pittsburgh, and everyone who has been hurt everywhere! Amen.

At the temple (like a church), Jesus saw people putting money into the collection baskets. Some were rich and put in a lot, but one poor woman only put in two coins. “She gave more than all the others,” Jesus said, “because they were rich and gave their extra money, but she gave everything she had.”

Right now, a lot of Americans are supporting a temple in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where Jewish people go to worship God. A bad man broke in and hurt people who had come to a service there.

The other Jewish people who go to that temple are being supported with prayers, messages that we all worship the same God, and promises that we’ll all do our best to help good win over bad.

This week’s Gospel (Mark 12:38-44) talks about a Jewish woman who was supporting her own temple. She helped it with a donation of money. She didn’t have a lot, but she gave what she could — as much as she could.

Jesus saw it and admired her. He even pointed out to other people that, if a poor woman could give something, they should be able to give even more.

When something bad happens like the people being hurt in Pittsburgh, it’s easy to say, “That’s terrible, but there’s nothing I can do.” Especially if you’re a kid, you feel powerless to make a difference or to change mean people into nice ones.

The Gospel story showed that everyone can do something. If you said a prayer for the people who are suffering, say another one. If you know someone whose religion is different from yours, be kind to that person — and ask about their religion, so you learn not just that they believe something different, but what you have in common.

Jesus said that the woman who gave all she could was giving a lot. So can you — and hopefully, like the people Jesus was talking to, your acts of kindness will inspire other people to be kind, too. If we all do what we can, love will win!