After over 170 years, La Salle Institute in Troy will open its doors to young women and become a co-educational starting in September 2021. The decision was made through a unanimous vote by the Board of Trustees of La Salle Institute and with the permission of the Brothers of the Christian Schools of the District of Eastern North America, who operate the school. 


The world is constantly changing, providing great opportunities for men and women, and after 170 years of La Salle’s presence in Troy, the time has come to open our doors to girls and young women and provide them with the same opportunity that we have been providing to boys and young men for so many years,” said President and Principal Joseph Raczkowski, an alumnus of the class of 1972, in a press release. 


La Salle’s Mission Expansion Initiative Committee is developing a comprehensive plan of implementation, engaging current and future parents and students, as well as alumni, faculty, staff, administrators, and trustees in this journey. 


Discussion of the school's expansion has been in the works for years. The board was considering a number of possible plans for development, and established a Task Force in January this year to develop a plan for strengthening the financial stability and a sustainable plan for the future of the school.  


The Troy Institute will join the nearly two-thirds of Lasallian Catholic middle and secondary schools across the country that have already made the switch to coeducational schooling. 


According to their website, La Salle Institute will enroll girls and young women in every grade with the exception of seniors. The establishment of new activities, such as sports for girls and young women, will be instituted over time and as quickly as possible.


The Mission Expansion Committee will remain in place past September 2021 to ensure a smooth transition for female students into the schools where every student can feel welcome and comfortable. 


“This decision is consistent with our desire to be proactively forward-thinking and assure a strong future for our school. It will strengthen and expand the legacy of La Salle Institute for many decades to come, and we will proudly embrace our expanded mission as the premier 21st century Lasallian Catholic school in the Capital District,” said Edward Ryan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees and a member of the Class of 1965. 


Added Raczkowski: “Our future students – young men and young women – will be encouraged to work together in a spirit of cooperation and understanding, and realize their full potential to become moral, responsible, and productive members of their communities. This will produce a strong sense of purpose and respect for each other. These timeless values are, and will continue to be, our foundation.”