The Sacred Space of Gretchen Lane.(Photo provided)
The Sacred Space of Gretchen Lane.(Photo provided)

We can call upon our local Saints of Auriesville to intercede for us during this pandemic. St. René Goupil is well known as the North American Martyr buried in an unmarked grave in the Ravine at the Auriesville Shrine. But he was a French surgeon who employed his healing skills even to his torturers who were wounded in battle. During his captivity there, Father St. Isaac Jogues was vigilant in identifying the sick and wounded in the Valley of the Mohawks, and among tribes who had been conquered by the Mohawks. His compassionate empathy was nearly as great as his sacramental and pastoral presence. And we know the story of St. Kateri Tekakwitha, orphaned and nearly blinded by the smallpox epidemic that ravaged Auriesville. Yet it was her holy way to minister to the sick and those in need in native villages. Let these holy souls and Our Lady of Martyrs intercede for us with strength, faith and hope in Christ Our Lord!

Beth Lynch, Ilion
Pilgrimage Coordinator/
Museum Manager, 
Our Lady of Martyrs Shrine

I have created a sacred space in my home to help me deal with being away from Mass during this time of coronavirus. Complete with holy water I had on hand from St. Mary’s Crescent, my home parish, and the rosary beads that my children gifted to me upon returning from Ireland. I try and keep some fresh flowers from my yard and gardens … it’s getting easier to find some color with spring here. I find it helps soothe my soul and reminds me to pray continually. I walk by the space all day, every day. I have found great comfort in watching my Mass at St. Mary’s in live time as well. I also pray the rosary daily, either alone or with an online community. I never thought I would live through a time when I could not attend Mass freely. What we are experiencing now, though hard, will make us all appreciate even more our church communities and the Sacraments, especially the Eucharist and celebration of Mass.
Gretchen Lane

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