Most generous God,

we thank you and praise you for your many gifts.

You have always blessed your Church of Albany

with dedicated and prayerful pastors

who have provided us with solid direction.

We are especially grateful to you

for the many years of faithful, loving service

we have received from Bishop Howard Hubbard,

who has been our stalwart shepherd

in times of trouble and times of joy.

Now we receive our new bishop, Edward Scharfenberger.

In your goodness, we ask your blessing upon Bishop Scharfenberger.

May his prayerfulness

inspire us to seek a deeper relationship with you.

Conscious of your justice,

may his teaching

guide us to loving concern for all people.

Through his leadership,

may our parishes, schools and institutions

be a home for all who seek you

so that your Church may thrive and grow

in this young century and for ages to come.

We ask this is the name of Jesus, the Lord,

in the grace of your Holy Spirit.