Margo Collins
Margo Collins

In February, I celebrated my First Holy Reconciliation at Holy Spirit Church in East Greenbush, with Father John Bradley, who is helping out in my parish until we get a new pastor. 

When I prepared for the sacrament of Reconciliation, I learned that it is a chance to be forgiven by God. I know that God will always forgive and love me. During class one day, I asked my teacher, “How do I forgive if I want to forget?” This encouraged me to think about what I would say to Father Bradley on my Reconciliation day. However, in the days leading up to Reconciliation, I felt anxious, nervous, and scared. 

These emotions decreased when I participated in my retreat with my classmates. While at the retreat, we talked about rituals. One ritual was to remind me of my Baptism; my parents gave me a blessing with Holy Water saying, “In the name of The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.” Another ritual was lighting a candlestick that can help me remember that God always wants my light to shine, and so I can remember my First Reconciliation. 

In school, my teacher helped me learn about Reconciliation, too. My classmates all made quilt squares with a peace sign and the sign for love made out of our hands traced, cut and folded. We talked together about how we all have a piece in making peace happen in our class, school and world. 

While waiting to sit with Father Bradley, I felt prepared to speak with him. Finally, it was my turn. He made me feel comfortable to share my confessions. I shared my sins, and it was very quick! After Reconciliation was completed, everyone received a scarf made by someone at my parish. This beautiful white scarf represents a hug from God and the love from our Holy Spirit Church community. 

I look forward to participating in Reconciliation again in April for the first time with other students from my school. Also, I am very excited to start preparing for my First Holy Eucharist. 

When I receive the Eucharist for the first time, I’ll become more fully a member of my Holy Spirit Church Parish. I am looking forward to preparing for my Eucharist starting this week. In the meantime, I have tried on three family dresses from my mother’s side of the family: my Aunt Maryellen’s, my mom’s and my grandmother’s. My mom’s dress was small; we could not zipper it up. Overall, my favorite dress was my grandmother’s dress, but it will not fit in May because I grow too quickly!

Margo Collins is a second-grader at Holy Spirit School, and will soon be turning 8. She likes gymnastics and baking. She enjoys being a member of a Little Flower’s Girls’ Club in their third wreath, learning about saints and virtues.