De'Mani Moore
De'Mani Moore

Today I’m going to be talking about what faith is, why it is important, how a person can keep their faith in a world filled with chaos, division and anger, and how it works in my particular community. Everyone should have a little faith in life. Personally, I think life without faith would be lonely and boring. That factor alone makes it clear how faith impacts us on a daily basis.

What is faith? Faith is complete trust or confidence in someone or something. My faith is mainly a religious belief without evidence. My own personal faith allows me to fully believe in God. Like love, faith will never betray me. Having faith will never disappoint because it allows me to see things from a love-based perspective. Since there is no evidence in faith, I just trust the truth of the words in the Bible. 

Why is faith important? Faith is important because faith in God isn’t wishful thinking, or trying my best to imagine the existence of God. It’s important because my faith is deeply rooted in the expectation of good things to come. Faith is the knowledge and understanding that difficult things will (make) things get better. Life would definitely have no reason or meaning without faith. My personal feeling is that without faith, I could not move from one moment to the next. I wouldn’t be able to do that without second-guessing every last thing I did.

I see faith at work in my community and school when I witness people giving back. In my community, we feed the poor and clothe the homeless.
In conclusion, faith is very important in my life. Faith helps me through life. It shows the pros and cons of having my own belief. Faith in God has to make sense and stand up for certain investigations in life. So if we believe in God and that He made this world, then our eternal reward will be eternity in Heaven. 

Just follow the path of faith and of God.

De’Mani Moore is a ninth-grader at Bishop Maginn High School.