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The Evangelist
Friday, January 18, 2019

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  • Construct no wall around sacred space
    Images of endless war, overflowing refugee camps, hate-filled terrorists, billion-dollar weapons, starved children — I want to flee this world’s violence.  
  • A deacon’s journey to priestly ordination
    My journey to priestly ordination, when I look back at my life, was the farthest thing from my mind. I have been a deacon for the past 26 years and love every aspect of my ministry. But as I look back in time, I believe it all started about four months after the passing of my wife, Peggy.
  • ‘And a voice came from heaven, 
    “You are my beloved Son;
    with you I am well pleased.”’ — Luke 3:22
  • Saying yes to forever
    A recent trend when announcing engagements and weddings is to use the term “We are saying yes to forever,” rather than “We are getting married.” While some might see this as cute or romantic, I find it hopeful and inspiring. What may have started as a catchy hashtag could have a profound effect on the perception of marriage.
  • Trusting that God is in charge
    ‘As we face the issues of the coming year, ranging from the treatment of immigrants and refugees to respect for life, ­­improved healthcare for all, or working conditions for farm workers, we continue to hope. That hope sustains us.’

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