Colin Campbell
Colin Campbell
As I am halfway through my senior year, I have been reflecting on my Catholic education and how it has affected my future. 

Transferring to Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons School my eighth-grade year was the best decision my family and I ever made. I would recommend any parent to enroll their child in a Catholic school. Catholic education has helped strengthen my faith and open my perspective on life. It also helped me make my college decision to attend Albertus Magnus College.

Albertus Magnus was not a college I had on my radar, but it was like God was pushing me in that direction. As soon as I stepped on the campus for a visit, I knew it was where I wanted to attend college. Without my Catholic education, I don’t know if I would have made the right college decision. I don’t know if I would have listened to God’s calling without finding my spirituality through my Catholic education.

Before I transferred to NDBG, I wasn’t strong in my faith and I did not understand Catholicism. I had gone to public school all my life so I was nervous about how the transition to Catholic education would go. At NDBG, students are required to take religion classes; this is where I finally learned the importance of faith and what Catholicism truly was. The best part about this is that every student was discovering their faith as well.

At NDBG, you are treated as an individual rather than a number in public school. The teachers want to help guide you and see you grow as a person and grow in your faith. This opened my eyes, it felt like I could be myself and grow as an individual. Catholic education has prepared me for every facet of life and my faith has never been stronger. I am extremely grateful for NDBG and my Catholic education because I do not know who I would be without my Catholic education. It has set me up for my future and has prepared me for college

Colin is graduating in June and will be attending Albertus Magnus in New Haven, Conn. He has been accepted into their honors program and will be playing baseball for the Falcons.