Appalled at cover

I was appalled by the front page of the Sept. 1 issue showing a vulnerable, elderly woman wearing a sign regretting her abortion. This is yet another example of the devaluing, demeaning and shaming of women. Mrs. Brown’s regret is a private matter between her and her God, not to be put on display for the public to gawk at.

If she thinks that God is calling her to stand on the shoulder of Bay Road in front of Planned Parenthood, putting her life in danger to the incoming traffic, it isn’t any God I recognize.

Rather, it demonstrates how a group like “Silent No More” will prey upon the vulnerable to use as a pawn to further their purpose. Shame on The Evangelist for printing such a story that shows insensitivity to this woman’s plight.
Inez Migliore, Hebron

Support our priests

 Bishop Scharfenberger’s column (“Accompanying our priests,” Evangelist 10/15/20) expresses astutely the dispiriting attitude of clerical sexual abuse not only for the laity but also for priests themselves. With a clear presentation of the remote and proximate causes of the cancer, the Bishop offers a necessary call to support our priests emotionally and spiritually. As Jesus said to Peter: “… you must strengthen your brothers.” (Luke 22:32) He offers practical suggestions in terms of affirmation, prayer and showing trust.

I am reminded of St. Therese of Lisieux who considered it part of her mission to pray for priests. She prayed in particular for two priests, Father Belliere and Father Roulland. A final thought: The Church has constantly supported the dignity and mission of Christian marriage as essential to the Kingdom. The priesthood is essential, too. All Christians must respond fully to the current crisis with encouragement and prayer.
Rhett Segall, Wynantskill

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