Photo by Unsplash.
Photo by Unsplash.

Life can be troubling to someone that has lost their way.
It must be so hard to endure at times.
I for one, know that all is not lost for this person.
God is so ever waiting for this person to cry out for help.
God doesn’t abandon his ­children.
He loves them.
People can turn you away.
They may mock you because you are poor and the way you are dressed.
Why are people like this to each other?
Aren’t we all created in the ­image of God?
Yes, for sure.
So, why can’t people be kind to each other?
Believe it or not, it takes a lot less time to pray, then it does to be mean and hurtful to one another in this world.
It’s rewarding in your heart, mind and soul to stretch out your hand of hope.

Anne M. Shaver, a parishioner at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Albany, submitted this poem entitled “Hope” in response to the challenging times we live in.