Patti Crucetti Zlinkskas and Nancy Nolan Martelle (top r.) share a laugh with Sister Monica Murphy,
Patti Crucetti Zlinkskas and Nancy Nolan Martelle (top r.) share a laugh with Sister Monica Murphy, CSJ.

St. Mary’s Academy in Hoosick Falls, which closed this year, celebrated its 127-year history in grand style. 

On June 29, over 400 people, including alumni, faculty and staff from across the country, returned to say goodbye and share memories of the institution that has been an integral part of the Hoosick Falls community for well over a century.

The evening, emceed by Jim Shaw, Class of 1961, recognized the new honorary alumni, part of a long-standing tradition. This award went to those who did not graduate from SMA but have shown their loyalty and dedication to St. Mary’s Academy. This year’s recipients were: Kevin McGuire, Nick and Patrice Pello, Lisa Adrion, Jerry and Carlina D’Acchille, Tim and Mary Beth Smith, Carol Schwartz, Mary Ann Gorman Pierce, Veronica Brandi, and Helen Kennedy. 

In honoring the memory of John Hyde, SMA presented his father, Art, and late-mother, Johanna who died in 2015, with the Honorary Alumni Award and the family with the John Hyde Christian Athlete Trophy. The Hyde family began this award in 1980 and it was given to many deserving student-athletes over the years.

To close out the program, the Class of 1969, celebrating their 50th anniversary, led the attendees in the Alma Mater one last time. A fitting end to an era.

There was additional news for St. Mary’s Academy and Immaculate Conception parish, which the Diocese announced last week: ­“After many discussions and meetings over the past two years, ­Immaculate Conception parish and St. Mary’s Academy are prepared to move forward with a plan, one that both the parish and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany believe is good not only for the parish but for the wider community of Hoosick Falls. The parish, through its leadership and ongoing study, has determined that they wish to pursue clean-up and restoration of Immaculate Conception Church. 

“The parish is also pursuing an agreement with an outside organization interested in purchasing St. Mary’s Academy, believing that the sale of the school property has the potential to benefit all people of Hoosick Falls, which includes the parish. The Diocese supports the parish’s decision and prays for the success of this plan.”