Anna Waniewski, 101 years old.
Anna Waniewski, 101 years old.

What better way to find the secrets to longevity, than to hear it from people who have cracked the age of 100.

On Wednesday, May 29, the Teresian House Center for the Elderly celebrated the birthday of nine residents who turned 100 years or older, although the building has 18 total centenarians. Matt Marino, the emcee for the event, announced each celebrant’s name and biography, alongside their words of wisdom when it comes to achieving longevity. Marino has served as a volunteer at the Teresian House since his mother, who lived at the house for seven years, died in February 2016. Here are the centenarians and their words of wisdom:

Sister Gertrude Cosenke, born in Albany, is 102 and has been a Sister of the Sacred Heart for 84 years. Secret to longevity: Be happy with what you do. 

Frances Zarzycki, 102, loved spending time with her dog. Secret to longevity: Smiling and cheerios.

Anna Waniewski, born in Chicopee, Mass., is 101. Secret to longevity: Take care of yourself, stay healthy; faith and eat a varied diet. Favorite age: 16 years old, free with no worries. 

Cyrelia Gonzalez, known as “Moo Moo.” was born in Trinidad, has one son who was celebrating with her, and is 104. Secret to longevity: Good genes and work hard. Favorite age: When her son was young. 

Mary Devine, who chose not to disclose her age, served as a taxi driver and flew a plane in the 1940s. Secret to longevity: Good genes and commitment to work.

Mary Petrosky, from Schenectady, is 106 and was a hairdresser. Secret to longevity: Pick the right parents. Favorite age: 16 years old when she was in good health. 

Mary Brunet, from Washington, D.C. is 103. Secret to longevity: Peanut butter sandwiches. Eat more peanut butter sandwiches. Favorite age: 103 because I am. 

Fred Randall, born in Schenectady, is 103. Secret to longevity: A long life is something you have to start early. Eat well and no drinking liquor. He advises others to keep doing what they love, regardless of what age you are. Favorite age: 28, when he married his wife. 

Harriet Brown, born in Albany, is 100. Secret to longevity: Doesn’t like to take medication. Don’t worry, practice what you preach and enjoy life.”