Photo via Unsplash.
Photo via Unsplash.

If you’re young, Catholic and like tacos and beer, we have the event for you.

The Young Adult Night of Praise Workshop will be held on Friday, Sept. 6, at Sacred Heart Church in Troy, starting at 7 p.m. This free event event includes an hour of Adoration, with praise and worship music, followed by a taco bar dinner and an opportunity to mix and mingle with others. 

Parishioner Brian Walsh began brainstorming with Bishop Edward B. Scharfenberger, who is scheduled to attend, on ways to connect young adults from various churches to one another. “Frequently you’re the only young adult at Mass and typically we don’t go up and introduce ourselves to each other,” Walsh said. 

Here, parishioners ages 18 to 39 years old, can spend time together, have tacos and a beer, hangout, and just talk. Walsh added that parishioners can choose to come to just the fellowship component or adoration if they wish. Local musician Katie Louise, among other artists, will perform. 

Walsh believes connecting young Catholics from different parishes is critical. “Ultimately, God is a trinity,” Walsh said, “We need to have community.”

For further information, contact Brian Walsh at, or check out the Facebook event link: