The Siena College Muslim Student Association (MSA) invited its non-Muslim allies to wear a hijab (a religious veil worn by Muslim women) on March 25. The MSA held an informational table at the student union to share their hijab stories with their non-Muslim friends, who used the experience to educate themselves on the daily life of Muslim women around the world.

“In a post-9/11 era, there are a lot of misconceptions about what hijab means to Muslim women,” said Elham Malik, ’23, president of the MSA. “It’s often forgotten that hijab is such a universal concept — Mother Mary wore a covering over her head, nuns do as well. This event helps normalize hijab and reminds people that we’re just like everybody else. We choose to cover because it shows our respect for God, and makes us feel empowered as women.” Some of the students who participated in the event included (top from l.): Shriya Matta ’22, Madelyne Holmes, ’22, Niki Patel ’24 and Medha Palnati ’22.