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The Evangelist
Wednesday, September 26, 2018

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  • Can’t avoid truth of the cross
    What do leadership and avoidance have to do with one another? Just ask Jesus.
  • So, who are you?
    Jesus asks us all a question in Sunday’s Gospel (Mk 8:27-35): “Who do people say that I am?” Before we answer, let us ask ourselves another question: “Who do we say we are?” How we answer will help us understand who we say Jesus is in our lives.
  • Let your heart be opened
    In the Gospel of Mark, often, after Jesus heals, He tells those who were healed to stay quiet about the healing they received. This command was rarely if ever followed.
  • The Eucharist as a choice
    This week, we conclude our journey through Jesus’ bread of life discourse. Our journey ends with a choice and a decision: We can enter into a covenant or relationship with the Lord, or we can walk away. What is it to be?
  • True food and true drink
    This weekend, we continue our journey through Jesus’ bread of life discourse in chapter six of St. John’s Gospel. Jesus has taught us how He is the bread that comes down from heaven and how He is food for the journey. Now, He goes yet further as He tells us how His flesh is true food and his blood is true drink.

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