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The Evangelist
Sunday, July 15, 2018

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  • You’re on a mission from God
    The world “Apostle” comes from the Greek word meaning “to send,” so the Apostle is literally “the sent one.” That meaning is very clear in Sunday’s Gospel (Mk 6:7-13), in which Jesus sends out the Twelve, two by two.
  • Questions to ask yourself
    The Gospel passage and readings for Sunday give us several lessons with which to pray. The first one is straightforward: what to expect when you bear witness to your faith.  
  • Doctor of souls will see you now
    In Sunday’s Gospel (Mk 5:21-43), we see the divine physician, Jesus Christ, our Lord, in action.
  • The humility of John the Baptist
    When we look to the saints whom we celebrate in our liturgical calendar, the feast day assigned usually falls on the day into which they are born into eternal life — the day they died.
  • What is the kingdom of God?
    Jesus, in a rich parable (Mark 4:26-34), presents to us this Sunday a beautiful image that, no doubt, would have been familiar to the agrarian culture of the ­Israel of the Lord’s day. Jesus expresses the central message that He is in Himself and that He came to bring: the kingdom of God.

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